Blogs on FDA Stuff

March 8, 2009

Obviously I am not the only person with something to say about FDA. A very well organized blog with a lot of good links is Eye on FDA which I am adding to the blogroll at the right. Let me know if you have other blogs worth noting.

So I am editing this because I came across another blog on FDA stuff from another group of lawyers. This is interesting because it discusses the whole issue of FDA regulation of tobacco. The blog is called the FDA law blog and I am adding them onto the blogroll on the right. For a couple of years I was the San Francisco District Tobacco coordinator, which got me a trip to Reno, Tukwilla (Washington State), and… Honolulu. Not difficult duty. I’ll contribute soon on tobacco, because I probably disagree with everybody. Anyway, check out the blog on FDA Law. They have worked hard to put together information for us.

Another interesting blog is Grab and Keel which I have entered onto the blogroll. They discuss food safety issues (the “F” in FDA stands for food, not federal) including a house bill, H.R. 875, that would create a single food safety organization. It is a very good idea and you can check it out on the important references link to the right. Search by bill number when you get to the site.

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