GxP Perspectives Calls it a Day

July 23, 2012

GxP Perspectives is Calling it a Day

On 13 February 2009 GxP Perspectives came into existence as the fledgling blog, Carl’s Blog on FDA Stuff. Since then the blog has published 202 additional posts, many by experienced GxP Professionals, and has accumulated 607 email subscribers and 577 members of the GxP Perspectives Linkedin Group. However, putting out a blog takes up a lot of time and energy and I have pretty much run out of things to say. So rather than see the blog sort of fizzle the way of so many internet efforts, I am going to call it a day. This is my last post.

I intend to keep the Linkedin group active as we have some good discussions. I am also keeping the blog up as we get about 1,700 to 2,000 page views a week. There is a lot of good information on the blog. You can see the top eight blog posts for the past week at the top of the sidebar to your right.

I realized that GxP Perspectives‘ days were numbered when there was a front page article in the New York Times about email surveillance by FDA managers of scientists at FDA. I had absolutely nothing to say and, to my credit, I didn’t say it. I would like to direct your attention to FDA Matters by Steve Grossman which has an excellent blog post on the subject. He gives a good, fair account about an issue that we don’t know the full story about. Good for Steve.

Feel free to leave a comment. If you have a question I will try to give an answer or ask someone who can. Best regards and good luck to all of you.

23 July 2012 – Carl Anderson, GxP Perspectives

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One additional point: My wife, Cathy J. Tashiro, just had her book come out in paperback. No, it has nothing to do with GxPs or clinical trials, she is a sociologist. Her book is:

Standing on Both Feet: Stories of Older Mixed Race Americans

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