The Blog is Thankful


This Blog is Thankful for Each of You

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And not just because of the food. I am pretty lucky any way you look at it and sometimes you need to say “thank you.” I would like to thank the hardworking professionals in government, clinical sites, academia, and industry who strive to bring safe and effective health products to the patients that need them. I am very thankful for the readers of this blog. I am certainly thankful for my clients, and oh-so-thankful to my family and friends.

I am also thankful to hard working people that make Thanksgiving possible, including the farmworkers who put food on our tables. It is hard, backbreaking work and deserving of our recognition and gratitude. Here is what photojournalist David Bacon has to say about a favorite Thanksgiving vegetable:


California Farmworker Harvesting Brussels Sprouts

Putting the food on the table is really one of the most important jobs people do, and one that gets the least acknowledgement and respect. So the next time you decide on brussels sprouts for dinner, first, don’t boil them. It removes those healthy anti-cancer chemicals. And don’t overcook them either – that’s what produces the sulfur taste many people don’t like. But then, when they’re out there on the table, remember who got them there.”

Photo by David Bacon

David’s Website with more photos and articles

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