Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Tragedy in Haiti

08 February: The New York Times Book Review reported that Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder was again on the paperback bestseller list for nonfiction at #14. This reflects a continued interest in Haiti and Partners in Health. The book is excellent and I would highly recommend it. Here is a link to Amazon for it:

Remember that Partners in Health has continuing needs to help the people of Haiti. Please contribute:

Here is a slide show that Partners in Health released on 10 February showing the current conditions in Haiti:

15 January 2010: Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Tragedy in Haiti

Given the enormity of the tragedy in Haiti it is difficult for me to write about FDA guidance documents and regulatory compliance. Instead, I am going to ask you to help with the relief efforts. When natural disasters strike it is often difficult to know just where your donations will do the most help. In Haiti I believe it is an organization called Partners in Health. They are already there and have decades of experience in helping the poorest people in Haiti, the people who are most in need Right Now. The link to their website is just below. WOULD YOU PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION:

I first learned about Partners in Health and Dr. Paul Farmer, its founder, by reading the book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. It is probably the best book on international health issues I have ever read. I strongly recommend it.

Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World (Random House Reader’s Circle) (Paperback) by Tracy Kidder

From the New England Journal of Medicine: “Indeed, Farmer founded a hospital and health center, Zanmi Lasante, in Cange, Haiti, hours from the capital and at the end of a gutted road in a region destitute even by Haiti’s standards, as part of an extensive community-based health network linked to a hospital, Clinique Bon Sauveur. For more than 20 years, Farmer has spent many months every year there, often taking care of patients himself and continually improving the treatments offered by the clinic. These now include antiretroviral drugs. Lasante is supported by a foundation based in Boston called Partners in Health…”

UPDATE: You can read an update from Partners in Health here:

16 January Haiti Update


UPDATE: 02 February: In this morning’s NY Times was an article about relief funds for the crisis in Haiti. It pointed out that when the earthquake hit, the American Red Cross (an excellent organization) had 15 people working in Haiti. In contrast, Partners in Health had 700 doctors and nurses among a staff of nearly 5,000 with one hospital and numerous clinics throughout the country. Yet the American Red Cross has raised almost $200 million for Haiti and Partners in Health about $40 million. People will donate to the best known organizations, not necessarily to the best placed ones.

A colleague of mine who has been following this blog remarked she had been donating to Doctors Without Borders The Nobel Prize winning relief organization. I also strongly support them and contribute on a monthly basis. It is important for relief organizations to have a steady flow of money after the TV cameras have left. I urge that you consider this type of support for an organization you believe is doing good work. Here is a link to Doctors Without Borders/MSF- USA:

Update: Dr. Paul Farmer testifies to U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, 29 January:

Blogroll Update: Partners in Health Blog- Now you can follow the progress of relief efforts in Haiti firsthand with the Partners in Health Blog:

UPDATE 19 January: FIRSTHAND: Writer Dany Laferrière describes living through Haiti earthquake, the Le Monde interview translated by Mark Jensen:

UPDATE 18 January: Today we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr.. What better way to celebrate than by helping the people of Haiti. View Katie Couric interview with Ophelia Dahl of Partners in Health on the current situation:

Update: NIH has provided funding for ten international malaria research centers. Read the 8 July 2010 Press Release


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