The Blog Cleans Up Its Act

Welcome to Carl’s Blog on GxP Stuff. I’ve changed the name from “Carl’s Blog on FDA Stuff” to reflect my evolving interest in focusing on a number of issues and not being “FDA-centric.” There many other regulatory agencies in the U.S. and the rest of the world and I would like to give them some attention as well.

Also, its the new year and I’m finally figuring out how to use some of the WordPress blog features. As a result, I have cleaned up the Blogroll so that links once more make sense. I have moved many links to “Interesting Articles” and have created a new category for “FDA Stuff” that are links to the nooks and crannies of FDA’s website. Yes, I will still be discussing FDA.

This allows me to organize and highlight some of the interesting places you can go to research FDA & GxP stuff. I’ve just added Compliance Zen to the Blogroll. The author, John Avellanet, has an excellent post on communication (which I should take to heart). I’ve also moved the Blog’s very own book reviewer’s excellent website for food safety, 1 FDA, Food Safety, and Related Topics, to the top of the Blogroll. Thanks Sid. Another post worth reading is by Lisa Henderson at the Applied Clinical Trials Blog. She has some interesting things to say about when her trade publication’s sales and editorial staff started sharing the same office location.

Finally, I want to recommend some blogs/sites that are not directly related to GxP or FDA stuff. These include France 24 which is an English language news station from France. I think it is important to see things from outside the U.S. We all know about BBC but France 24 is very interesting. Also there are two blogs put out by individuals who take the time to write thoughtfully on topics that you may, or may not, find of interest. They are: Grab & Keel which focuses on current events from the author’s perspective and Monte’s Blog which takes a look at one person’s spiritual journey. Also there is Water: USGS that provides a perspective on government service and one of the most important issues we will face this century, water. Now that I am GxP I can give this issue some thought. Please scroll down and take a look at the various links. There are a number of different perspectives so you can take a look at various viewpoints. Feel free to leave a comment and suggest other sites that you find of interest.

UPDATE: This news is just in from Alan Andersen in an email to members of the FDA Alumni Association:

“FDA has announced Ralph Tyler as the new Chief Counsel. He is currently serving as the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Maryland (01/08/10 is his last day, I think) and will be joining FDA on January 19.

Tyler served as Chief Legal Counsel to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and as Baltimore City Solicitor. He was a partner in the international law firm Hogan & Hartson, L.L.P. Prior to that, he served in the Maryland Attorney General’s office from 1982 through 1996, holding the titles of Deputy Attorney General, Chief of Litigation and Assistant Attorney General. Acting Chief Counsel, Mike Landa, will return to his position as Deputy Director for Regulatory Affairs at CFSAN.”

ALSO: Here is the link to an article about clinical trials in the UK that I found interesting:


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