FDA takes on “speedball” drinks

First it was candy cigarettes. Now FDA is taking on caffeinated booze. In the old days if someone mixed a stimulant with a depressant it was called a “speedball.” Some companies are now marketing high octane malt liquor with caffeine in yet another way to peddle unsafe products, primarily aimed at younger consumers. Consumer advocates had earlier stopped the big beer companies from the practice, but now it has become a “social network” problem from smaller companies.

Both the caffeinated booze products and candy cigarettes are targeting young people and FDA seems to be fighting back. FDA has taken the first step to outlaw speedball drinks after 18 states’ Attorney Generals urged FDA to take on the caffeinated booze pushers. Letters went out to 30 vendors of speedball drinks expressing serious concerns. To read more look for the L.A. Times story on the Blogroll listed as, “FDA questions caffeinated booze.”

BOOK Review Update: A new review by Sid on the book review page above: Paul L. Conkin, A Revolution Down on the Farm: The Transformation of American Agriculture Since 1929 (Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 2008).


One Response to FDA takes on “speedball” drinks

  1. sid olufs says:

    Nice post, Carl. This gets at the public health role of the FDA–these two (three, counting the sweet stuff) ingredients are widely available in other forms, but thus combined produce a cost on public health. Commercial forces leave public health far down the list of priorities. The experience with tobacco should have taught us this new approach (demonstrate it will NOT produce harm) is the way to go. Spread the word.

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