FDA, CDC face obstacles in H1N1 fight

In Saturday’s NY Times an article discusses the “Shortages, Confusion and Rumors in Flu Fight” (NY Times, page A11, 24OCT09). The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are at the center of fighting the flu outbreak. Despite the difficulties they have been keeping a cool head and doing a good job, which is just what you need during a crisis. As always, there are some who would try to take advantage to make a quick buck from fears about H1N1. This isn’t helped when political “commentators” like Glenn Beck say they want someone with H1N1 to cough in their face so they can do the opposite of what the government recommends. Hogwash. The health professionals at CDC have a webpage with what you should know about H1N1. Listen to CDC, not Glenn Beck and the liberal comic Bill Maher (comedians shouldn’t give out advice during an influenza pandemic). There is a link on the Blogroll, scroll down, under “CDC H1N1 webpage.”

In the mean time, cough into your elbow and wash your hands. When you hear a comic or “commentator” babble about H1N1, change the channel. H1N1 is a very real crisis. We need to take it seriously.

One Response to FDA, CDC face obstacles in H1N1 fight

  1. FDA Approval says:

    People are dying from this disease and it is incredibly disturbing that commercialism has entered the picture. Take care of ourselves, take care of our families and let the jerks who profess the cure be punished.

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