The Blog Discloses All

Today’s NY Times had an interesting article on blog advertising in the business section. A link is on the Blogroll under “Blog Ads.” Some blogs are getting into trouble for basically being advertising shills for a specific product, some of which border on health fraud. The F.T.C. would like to see disclosure of gifts or money for product placement or articles on a blog. Sure, you betcha, here’s full disclosure by the Blog: No one has ever given me a nickel to post an article or link on the Blog. No one has ever given me anything, not even a souvenir coffee mug, for a post or link on the Blog. Carl’s Blog on FDA Stuff is definitely not a money making proposition.

2 Responses to The Blog Discloses All

  1. John B says:

    c’mon Carl, what about that PRCSQA screen wiper trinket? Didn’t we force you to take one of those at the San Diego meeting? 🙂

    • Carl's Blog on FDA Stuff says:

      Yes, the Society of Quality Assurance has forced all sorts of trinkets onto me over the years. However, they have never requested kind words on the Blog in exchange. But in the spirit of full disclosure I have been hoodwinked into serving on the Board for PRCSQA (Pacific Regional Chapter, Society for Quality Assurance).

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