Hamburg and Sharfstein make their opening statement on the role of FDA

Dr. Margaret Hamburg and Dr. Joshua Sharstein, the new leadership of FDA, have made their opening statement in an article published 26 May 09 in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled, ” The FDA as a Public Health Service.” There they discuss their vision for the future of FDA. The first thing I noticed is that they published their article in a medical journal that will not reach most American consumers. That is really too bad. They should have used a different venue such as the NY Times. Oh well. If I wasn’t in the FDA Alumni Association I would have never known. You can read it under Interesting Articles on the right under Hamburg & Sharfstein in the NEJM. Scroll down to find it. At least they are talking, which is a start.

UPDATE: If you wish to hear Dr. Hamburg for yourself, she will be speaking at the closing plenary session of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) annual meeting in Philadelphia on the 16th of September. You can read about it on the Blogroll on the right under “RAPS.”

UPDATE 2: I have added two new sites to the Blogroll. One is a health oriented site that discusses today’s 3 June 09 NY Times editorial on FDA secrecy (365 Days Health Blog) and A world news service from France in English (France 24).

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