FDA Takes on Swine Flu “Cures” on Updated Webpage

FDA has been issuing warning letters to companies trying to cash in on concerns regarding the swine flu. And they are doing it on an updated website that is much more user friendly as far as researching older warning letters by year and by subject. And FDA is asking for email responses Within 48 Hoursinstead of the usual 15 days from the internet purveyors of dubious flu remedies. This is a definite change that I am a little surprised to see.

It is typical for people to try and make a fast buck whenever a new health issue concerns the public. FDA has traditionally sought to prevent magical mystery cures without any foundation in fact. So it is no surprise that FDA is on the lookout for companies on the internet trying to profit from people’s fears. To review the warning letters on FDA’s handy-dandy new website look for FDA Warning Letters under Important References on the right.


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