A “Drug Facts” Label on DTC Ads?

Should we have a simplified “Drug Facts” label used for direct to consumer (DTC) ads by pharmaceutical companies? Whenever I purchase any packaged food I always glance at the food nutrition label so I can know a little of what I am getting. It sometimes impacts my decision to buy, particularly when looking at the yuppie sausages that I have taken a fancy to. However, when FDA introduced the labels in the mid-90s they were a subject of controversy and, in the minds of some, a “burden” to industry. Now they are part of our lives and don’t seem to have caused the food industry very much harm.

Drug Facts DTC labels

Should there be drug labels for consumers?

Well, researchers at Dartmouth have come up with a suggested Prescription Drug Facts label for direct to consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical ads. The plan is spelled out in a NY Times article by Natasha Singer. There is a link below Personally, I think it is far more helpful in making a decision than floating multi-colored cartoon butterflies. The graphic was easier for me to read in the print edition if you have it available. We’ll see how FDA reacts to it all when the Dartmouth researchers present the label system to a meeting of the advisory committee on risk communication tomorrow.

Read the NY Times article:


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